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Sustainable Jewelry Materials

To us, sustainable jewelry is an all-encompassing term that refers to the materials, type of jewelry made, and the production process. While the nature of our products is that the material footprint of each product is small, we think it's important to explore how we can perpetuate sustainable consumption practices with our products.

Our Demi-Fine jewelry collection has been crafted with sustainable and ethically sourced materials. The majority of our pieces uses sustainable metals in the form of 925 recycled sterling silver. When sustainable jewelry supplies cannot be sourced, we use responsibly sourced silver.


Recycled Sterling Silver

Sustainable Jewelry Materials Our sustainable jewelry pieces are made using recycled 925 sterling silver from previously owned jewelry, industrial metals, and electronics components. The unwanted precious metal is then refined through a process of scrap refining technique to purify the metal, and then transformed into new silver in the form of casting grains. This regenerated silver can then be re-casted and made into new silver jewelry again. All the metal scrap created from the factory are recycled back into the system, creating no waste. A filtering system collects dust particles of precious metals, so they can be reused again. Using recycled silver cuts down CO2 emissions by two-thirds versus mined silver.


Responsibly Sourced Metals

Our Demi-Fine range uses sustainable jewelry materials, such as recycled sterling silver. In settings where sustainable metals cannot be sourced, we use responsibly sourced instead. Our ethically sourced jewelry is a holistic term that speaks to the quality and source of the materials. Our supplier is certified on London Bullion Market Association Good Delivery List (the global authority on precious metals) and members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).


Production of Sustainable Jewelry

Production of sustainable jewelry is just as important as the materials in ensuring a sustainable final product. Our jewelry is made with ethical labour practices and environmentally conscious standards. We require that all of our vendor partners sign agreements confirming ethical labour practices and environmentally conscious business standards. Our Demi-Fine manufacturing partners are based in Vancouver and Thailand. Learn more about our network of makers here.

 Sustainable Metals

The quality of our sustainable jewelry collection allows you to wear and keep your pieces for longer. Heavy gold-plating (gold vermeil) adds cost but with proper care, is meant to last. We’ve balanced the thickness of plating with cost in order to achieve high-quality pieces at an affordable price. As these pieces are made of 100% precious eco-friendly metals, they can be considered modern heirlooms that can be passed on to others. The circularity in the life cycle of a product is an important key to sustainability.

Being a sustainable jewelry brand doesn't end here - this is just the beginning. We believe in progress over perfection. To learn more about our sustainable jewelry and holistic practices, please read our detailed Sustainability Ideology.

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