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Sustainable Jewelry

We believe there are no quick fixes to a more sustainable future. We're here to ask the questions, put in the time, and do the right thing to spark delight in ways that are positively impacting our product, people, and the planet. With this purpose in mind, we developed our sustainable jewelry line. These Demi-Fine pieces have been crafted with sustainable and ethically sourced materials.

We're planting the seeds for a healthier planet everyday - metaphorically and literally (for every order placed, we plant a tree!). We look at sustainability holistically — from the jewelry we create, to our carbon neutral certification, to the people we work with. Being a sustainable jewelry brand is just one way we aim to create a positive impact on both our community and the planet herself.


What is Sustainable Jewelry?

To us, sustainable jewelry is an all-encompassing term that refers to the materials, type of jewelry made, and the production process. While the nature of our jewelry is that the material footprint of each product is small, we wanted to think of how we can perpetuate sustainable consumption practices with our products.

Sustainable JewelryOur Demi-Fine range uses sustainable jewelry materials, from recycled sterling silver to 14K gold plating. In settings where recycled materials cannot be sourced, we use responsibly sourced instead. Our ethically sourced jewelry is a holistic term that speaks to the quality and source of the materials. Our silver supplier is certified on London Bullion Market Association Good Delivery List (the global authority on precious metals) and members of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).

Our sustainable gold jewelry is longer lasting on you and the planet, in part because of the type of jewelry technique we use for this range. These pieces are Gold Vermeil, which uses sterling silver as the base or core metal, with a thicker external layer of gold plating. We use recycled or responsibly sourced 925 sterling silver with 14K gold plating. This technique allows us to create sustainable affordable jewelry - so the impact is minimal on the planet and your wallet! Sustainable Jewelry Materials

 Production is also important when considering what is sustainable jewelry. All Lover’s Tempo makers are held to high standards for ethical business practices. We require that all of our vendor partners sign agreements confirming ethical labour practices and environmentally conscious business standards. Our Demi-Fine manufacturing partners are based in Vancouver and Thailand. Learn more about our network of makers here.


Carbon Neutral Certified

Alongside our sustainable jewelry, we're delighted to be carbon neutral certified with Carbon Zero. What is carbon neutral jewelry? Carbon neutrality is the process of measuring, reducing, offsetting carbon emissions. We selected Carbon Zero as our offset partner because they worked in partnership with first nations communities in Canada to protect cultural sites and traditional activities within some of their carbon offset projects. We also felt that it was important that they provide the highest quality carbon offsets, sourced through the most stringent verification practices, based on a principle of transparency and open audit trail.

Being 100% carbon neutral certified contributes to our larger sustainable jewelry efforts and is just as important as the materials we use and the makers we work with.


Being a sustainable jewelry brand doesn't end here - this is just the beginning. We believe in progress over perfection. To learn more about our sustainable jewelry and holistic practices, please read our detailed Sustainability Ideology.

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