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Meet Tara Lee Bennett

Tara Lee Bennett is a paper artist and sculptor who lives and works in Vancouver, British Columbia. Originally from Zimbabwe, Bennett lived in Australia for several years where she attended the Enmore Design Center in Sydney, Australia. She established her practice in the historic 1000 Parker Street building in 2019. Her current series Lush is infused with images of growth and renewal reflecting both the personal and professional journeys of her life. 

You can bid on Tara's artwork until October 17th.

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Creating a world in paper

Tara creates a world in paper. Meticulously she draws, cuts and assembles seemingly, impossibly too-small pieces of paper into elaborate creations that are intricate and time consuming.

"As a medium, paper has endless possibilities because it is a material that is easily accessible yet can be endlessly and extravagantly transformed and it is this my work celebrates. My current series harnesses a monochrome aesthetic which highlights the delicacy of my cuts." - Tara Lee Bennett

You can follow her on Instagram & check out her website here.

Keeping up with Tara

Join us as we document Tara’s creative process and see recycled Lover’s Tempo pieces evolve into something entirely new before being auctioned in the Fall. We’ll be sharing work in progress updates on our blog and Instagram.

We’re so excited to see our jewelry live on in the form of Tara’s artwork. From us, to you, to the artist who makes it anew, thank you for being a part of this sustainability journey with us.

Holistic Sustainability

We believe there are no quick fixes to a more sustainable future. We’re here to ask the questions, put in the time, and do the right thing to spark delight in ways that are positively impacting our product, people, and the planet.

As part of our goal to create a more sustainable business, we’re exploring ways to design a full lifecycle for our products. Through our Full Circle Artist Program, we create dialogue about creativity, art, conscious consumerism, sustainability and more.  Our goal is ultimately to keep our jewelry out of the landfill and to inspire art, creativity and dialogue around sustainability.

To do this, we are collaborating with Canadian artists who will incorporate our jewels into a unique piece of art. We will be sharing with you their process over all our social media channels. The artwork will be showcased and auctioned in the Fall with all proceeds going back to the artist.

How can you participate?

Send us your jewelry, get 30% off!

The Full Circle Artist Program is an all-encompassing collaboration - and we’d love for you to join us! You can help create a more sustainable future and in the process, contribute to a unique piece of art (how’s that for a win-win?!). We'll also send you a 30% off coupon code once we receive your package.

Do you have a Lover’s Tempo jewelry piece that’s been well-loved? You’re now able to donate aging, tarnished or broken jewelry back to us to be used by our artist. Recycle your jewelry via the form below

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Creating Sustainable Art with Danielle Krysa

In September 2022, we completed our inaugural Full Circle Program with renowned artist Danielle Krysa. She upcycled old jewelry components, unsellable jewelry and broken bits to create 5 unique pieces that culminated with a showcase on Granville Island.  Each piece was auctioned off and we were able to plant 2,162 trees with our partner, Ecodrive with the proceeds from the auction. 

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