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Holistic Sustainability

We believe there are no quick fixes to a more sustainable future. We’re here to ask the questions, put in the time, and do the right thing to spark delight in ways that are positively impacting our product, people, and the planet.

As part of our goal to create a more sustainable business, we’re exploring ways to design a full lifecycle for our products. Through our Full Circle Artist Program, we create dialogue about creativity, art, conscious consumerism, sustainability and more.  Our goal is ultimately to keep our jewelry out of the landfill and to inspire art, creativity and dialogue around sustainability.

Art: Our Jewelry's Second Life

To do this, we are collaborating with Canadian artists who will incorporate our jewels into a unique piece of art. We will be sharing with you their process over all our social media channels.

We’re ready to welcome a new artist who will turn our old jewelry into unique works of art. We are inviting local artists within Metro Vancouver to apply for our next session of the Full Circle Program. We particularly encourage applications from BIPOC artists and those from marginalized groups that are traditionally underrepresented to apply. The artwork will be auctioned this Fall with full proceeds being donated.

March 3, 2023

Applications open

March 31, 2023

Applications close

April 22, 2023

Earth Day - Artist is announced

Aug 15

Final Artwork due

How to apply for 2023

Please fill out our Typeform application. With application: provide a bio, headshot and photo of your work, links to your portfolio and social media. Please note that only the successful applicant will be contacted.


- Outline overall concept to the Lover’s Tempo team

- Create 2-4 pieces of art using components provided from our Full Circle Program such broken, damaged jewelry, deadstock chains and jewelry components

- Meet with our marketing team to outline marketing deliverables for the program

- Help in documenting the process through photos and videos

- Photos of the final artwork

- Artist must be willing to pick up and drop off from our office in East Vancouver (Fraser St)

- Artist must attend & participate in opening day of the art showcase 


- $1500 stipend to be paid after completion of auction

Application deadline: March 31


Creating Sustainable Art with Danielle Krysa

In September 2022, we completed our inaugural Full Circle Program with renowned artist Danielle Krysa. She upcycled old jewelry components, unsellable jewelry and broken bits to create 5 unique pieces that culminated with a showcase on Granville Island.  Each piece was auctioned off and we were able to plant 2,162 trees with our partner, Ecodrive with the proceeds from the auction. 

Step 1

Look through your jewels! Is there anything that's tarnished or broken? We want to create art with it!

Step 2

Download, print and fill in our return form here.

Step 3

Package up your jewels (include the return form) and ship them off. We'll send you a 30% off code!

Step 4

Watch your recycled jewelry transform into an art piece.


Send us your old jewels

The Full Circle Artist Program is an all-encompassing collaboration - and we’d love for you to join us! You can help create a more sustainable future and in the process, contribute to a unique piece of art (how’s that for a win-win?!). We'll also send you a 30% off coupon code once we receive your package.

Do you have a Lover’s Tempo jewelry piece that’s been well-loved? You’re now able to donate aging, tarnished or broken jewelry back to us. Recycle your jewelry via the form below.



What types of items can I send you?

You can send us any broken, tarnished, old or unwanted jewelry!

Where can I find updates from the artist?

You can follow the progress on our blog and Instagram.

What will happen to the art piece?

We will be auctioning the art piece off this fall with the full amount raised going to Carbon Zero, our sustainability partner.  Sign up for our emails to be notified when this piece will be up for auction.

I'm a wholesale customer, how can I participate?

Yes, we accept items from retailers twice a year (January/July). We will send an email when we are accepting donations for this program. If you're a current account with us, you're already on the mailing list!

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