Everyday is an occasion

Whether you're getting dressed for your 9-5, a Saturday night out or the special event of the year—we want you to feel your finest.

That’s why we offer beautiful, delightful jewelry at accessible prices, so every day, and every occasion, can feel a little romantic.

Spark delight

Beyond beautiful design, our goal is to spark delight in everyone we meet along our journey—from our talented makers, to the boutiques who carry our line, to you, our customers, who give each piece a life and personality of its own.

We do that by treating everyone we meet with kindness, nurturing relationships for the long haul, and adding special details to every piece.

Female founded. Female run.

There’s a lot of soul behind our brand, and that’s because at the heart of Lover’s Tempo is a team devoted to uplifting women. It’s simple, really: we only shine when everyone around us shines too.

That’s why, first and foremost, we create a healthy and fulfilling workplace and choose partners that offer the same to their teams. Everything we make comes from happy, fulfilled people who know their work matters.

About the Brand

Lover’s Tempo founder Elaine Kim Smith’s love story with jewelry started with a booth at a maker’s market at her university in Vancouver, Canada. Her Dad helped her set it up, complete with twinkle lights and an immersive experience hosted by Elaine. When you entered her booth, you got lost in her world. Every detail was considered. She hung your jacket and bags so you could feel free to try things on and take a moment to delight in her creations.

Over a decade later, Elaine’s ethos of beautiful design, magnetic experiences and a little romance has carried on as the Lover’s Tempo team grew to include her visionary business partner, Leslie, and over 500 cherished retailers who carry the brand worldwide.

Today, their tight-knit team of creative women spend their days finding new ways to spark delight from their studio in Vancouver, Canada.

Our Unique Design Perspective

With a background in Art History and Fine Arts, our founder and designer, Elaine, is inspired by thoughtful design from various disciplines—from architecture to painting. Elaine sees jewelry as a game of millimeters.

A beautiful piece is a sum of all of its tiny parts. Her design principles are clean lines,a sophisticated color palette, thoughtful textures with just the right amount of delicate detailing. Beyond jewelry, all of Lover’s Tempo creative is curated through Elaine’s artful eye. Every detail—from our photography to our packaging—is designed with the goal of delighting anyone who comes across it.