After launching the Lover's Tempo Grant Program in Fall of 2019, our first ever grant went to Beam Paints, headed by artist and paintmaker Anong Beam. Beam Paints is the result of a multi generational love of pigment, paint, colour, and innovation.

Anong creates handmade, high-quality watercolours and wild foraged inks using her personal experience in Indiginous pigment. Their watercolour pans are packaged in slices of cedar and birch that are offcuts from an Indigenous sustainable lumber operation, making their packaging completely plastic-free.

“I am so thrilled and excited to be chosen by Lover’s Tempo, their grant will help my business expand and grow! Their support and mentor ship comes at a crucial time and I look forward immensely to learning from them!”

Anong says she will use this grant to purchase a new mill for paint making. “I would put this towards the purchase of a new triple mill to make oil paint, I have requests but I don’t want to contaminate my watercolour mill as oil doesn’t mix with water! I will market and sell a line of oil paints, some test colours have been well received and are being used by Stellafluorescent in LA on a line of earrings.”

In Spring 2020 we were delighted to announce the second winner of our grant. Brittany Trafford is the mind behind Wrappr, a no-waste alternative to gift wrapping. Their reusable product is made out of recycled materials while also being organic and biodegradable. The artwork is curated by their talented team of graphic designers and chosen based on its versatility for multiple occasions and celebrations.

“I feel like this mentorship is becoming a part of my journey at a perfect time, it's very motivating to have someone to talk to and I'm excited to speak again.” said Brittany.

The Lover’s Tempo grant program recognizes women working to make an impact in their communities by providing them with a $500 grant to support their cause, initiative or business.

We are searching for Canadian candidates with creative businesses, services or endeavours that are looking to grow or expand that would benefit from financial support and mentorship.

Grant recipients will receive $500 to put towards the initiatives outlined in their application, as well as 3 mentorship sessions from the owners of Lover’s Tempo, Elaine Kim and Leslie Hoolaeff.

Your intellectual property will be protected and we will maintain confidentiality of any details included in this application.

• Be a woman entrepreneur
• Be Canadian
• Be 18 years or older
• Offer a unique product or service that’s past the start-up phase
• Have earned a minimum of $5k in revenue
• Have a plan for growing your business that requires capital and mentorship

The selection process will be made by Lover’s Tempo staff and headed by owners Elaine Kim and Leslie Hoolaeff

Questions or concerns? Send an e-mail to