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Trendy Hair Clips

If you're looking to jump onto the hair clip trend this season, you've come to the right place. We have a range of playful hair clips and claws that make a subtle statement. Made with cellulose and available in a range of colours and patterns, these trendy hair clips will give your hair a little flare.


Small Claw Clips

Trendy Hair Accessories

You don't need mermaid-esque locks to be part of the hair accessories trend. These smaller claw clips are perfect for adding a splash of colour, or styling your hair in an effortless half up-do. The smallest of our hair clips, Liv is a subtle way to elevate your outfit. Our Drew claw clip can hold a little more hair, making it a great option for bolder hairstyles. These trendy hair accessories are here to make your summer even better.


Large Claw Clips

Trendy Hair Clips 2022

When you think hair clip trend, these large claw clips are what come to mind. Bold hold, cool colors and unlimited styling options, our trendy hair claw clips steal the show. Reese has a modern, geometrical silhouette. Available in two sizes, this claw clip will make any up-do look slick. The Cher claw clip is a modern take on that classic 90s style. This trendy hair claw clip offers strength without compromising on style.


Hair Clips

Trendy Hair Clips

Hair accessories don't have to be big and bold to be impactful. For those with less hair, or those wanting a more subtle accessory, these trendy hair clips are the perfect choice. Willow is a classic hair clip silhouette, with a cheeky twist. This hair clip is a great way to add a hint of playfulness to your look. Our circle Winona hair clip is available in 6 trendy colours and will soon become your new staple on lazy hair days. Florence is a set of 2 skinny straight clips, designed to hold your bangs out of your eyes or hold up strays in an up-do. These trendy hair clips can do it all.


If you're wondering how to wear trendy hair clips, we've got you covered. With our colorful range of hair clips and claws, styling hair is easy. Effortlessly twist your hair into an elegant updo, or throw it in and go go go. There’s no doubt you’ll be looking your most put-together this season - minimal effort required.

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