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The Perfect Earrings for Your Wedding Dress Style

Life is full of romantic moments. Perhaps the most highly anticipated romance-centered day of many people’s lives are their wedding days. Choosing your wedding day style can be both an exciting part of a bride's journey to the altar as well as a stressful number of decisions that feel very important to get right. If ever your style selections are going to be memorialized eternally in high budget photography, you hope that you really knock it out of the park, right?

Most brides start with selecting the perfect dress, then the shoes, and then closer to their big day zero in on the bridal jewelry that will top off the look. By the time you get to wedding day jewelry selections you’ve probably made 10,000 decisions and you are running out of mental capacity to select the perfect bridal earrings for your big day.

Well do not fret, darling, we’ve got you. Take a deep breath (and maybe a sip of some shopping champagne) and relax while you dive into our guide for the perfect earring for your wedding dress style. Why only earrings? Generally speaking, we find that when selecting the perfect jewelry for your wedding dress, it can look best to not over-accessorize such a gorgeous garment as a bridal gown with too many items. Bridal gowns often have intricate details, eye catching necklines and carefully crafted silhouettes. We find that the perfect pair of earrings can top off a wedding dress elegantly without taking away from its intrigue. That said, our favorite thing about jewelry is that there are no rules and you should follow your heart to create the wedding day jewelry look of your dreams. More on that in a future blog post.

But for now, the perfect earrings for your wedding dress style:

The Perfect Earrings for a Boho Wedding Dress 

Jewelry for Boho Brides

Gowns via BHLDN: 1, 2, 3

Boho wedding gowns show off your femininity and free spirited beauty. Boho bridal jewelry should make a subtle statement to compliment the uniqueness of the dress style.

The Juliette Fan Fringe Earrings are perfect boho wedding earrings featuring a delicate cascade of chain fringe swaying below the intricately layered chains, topped off with a sparkly crystal stud.

For a modern bridal take on a hoop earring that is sure to suit your boho bride style, try the Bloom Crystal Hoop Earrings. As whimsical as they are elegant, these show-stopping wedding day ready hoop earrings are bejewelled with a garden of beaded and crystal florals.


The Perfect Earrings for a Romantic Wedding Dress

Earrings for Romantic Brides

Gowns via BHLDN: 1, 2, 3

Your wedding day is the perfect time to truly express your romantic love story with your style. Sweep yourself off your feet with the right earrings to compliment the elegantly romantic wedding dress of your dreams.

The Flora Deco Drop Earrings are the epitome of romantic bridal earrings. Luxe and ornate, the stunning craftsmanship of these drop earrings speaks for itself. The perfect balance of glamour and sparkle, each component has been carefully chosen to create a showstopping earring you'll never find anywhere else. Your beloved will fall in love all over again when they see you shine in these on your special day.

This fan-shape of the Magnolia Fan Earring is accented by a complementary sparkly stud. The delicate chain-to-stud design is complemented by pearls, glass crystals, and shimmering stones. The perfect addition to a beautifully beaded or ornate lace romantic wedding dress for the romantic bride.


The Perfect Earrings for a Modern Wedding Dress

Gowns via Park & Fifth, BHLDN: 1, 2, 3

Modern wedding dress brides know that less is often more and that clean lines and simple striking silhouettes go a long way in making a statement on your special day. Mirror the clean simplicity of a modern wedding dress with the perfect sleek and sparkly earrings sure to turn heads.

The delicate crystal bead clusters of the Soiree Drop Earrings are light and airy with all the right details to turn heads. Your clean and modern wedding dress will delight in the simple femininity of these drops that will surely become your go-to drop earrings for any special occasion after your big day.

The Lova Drop Earring has the spirit of vintage wedding jewelry in a modern form. The perfect selection of opalescent Swarovski crystals and homaica stones laid out in ornate settings. One side differs from the other to keep your wedding earring admirers on their toes as they take in the unique design. Mirror your sleek modern dress silhouette with the soft sway of these long wedding drop earrings.


The Perfect Earrings for a Classic Wedding Dress

Gowns via Park & Fifth, BHLDN: 1, 2, 3

Classic wedding dress style deserves jewelry with the same aura. Classic style brides should be looking for timeless bridal earring designs that have an air of vintage.

Glimmer and gleam while you walk down the aisle in the crystal- and bronze-plated brass Garland Drop Earrings—perfect earrings for the classic bride on her big day (and any special occasion to follow).

A classic and feminine silhouette, the Empress Pearl Earrings are circled by golden beads set with small pearls and sparkly stones. A difference that adds texture to the otherwise classic design.

All of the planning that goes into making your wedding day special is no easy feat. We hope that you find the time and space to really enjoy the process of selecting the perfect earrings for your wedding dress style (maybe with a mimosa or other sparkling beverage in hand to really set the mood). Whatever you choose, we’re sure you will shine on your wedding day. If you decide to make Lover’s Tempo earrings a part of our wedding day, make sure to tag us on Instagram @loverstempo and we will be sure to celebrate with you.

More style guides for brides coming soon to the blog. Stay tuned!

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