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Full Circle Artist Program: 3 Works in Progress

The Full Circle Artist Program aims to keep our jewelry out of the landfill and to inspire art, creativity and dialogue around sustainable jewelry. Learn more about the Full Circle Artist Program here.

To reach this goal, we are collaborating with Canadian artist Danielle Krysa who will incorporate our jewels into a unique piece of art.  This work of art will be auctioned online this fall with full proceeds being donated to our tree-planting partner Ecodrive.

With today being World Environment Day, we're delighted to be sharing the latest behind-the-scenes of our sustainable jewelry artwork collab with Danielle. 

Old jewelry becoming art

At the end of our last update, we hinted that there may be more than one final art piece. Well news just in: we're delighted to learn that Danielle is currently working on three pieces. Be still our racing hearts!

Danielle is busy working on two collage pieces and a sculpture. We're thrilled to see creativity take many forms with Danielle's work. She is truly transforming tired jewelry into new treasures.

Artwork made from recycled jewelry

Please join us as we continue to document Danielle’s creative process and see recycled Lover’s Tempo pieces evolve into something entirely new! We’ll be sharing work in progress updates right here on our blog and over on Instagram too. 

The Full Circle Artist Program is an all-encompassing collaboration - and we’d love for you to join us! You can help create a more sustainable future and in the process, contribute to a unique piece of art. Complete this form to recycle your aging jewelry (you’ll receive a thank you gift for your participation!).

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