2021 Price Increases

We know that our high quality and ethical standards are important to you, so we wanted to keep you in the loop as some changes occur going into 2021.

One of our brand promises at Lover’s Tempo is that great design doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful designs that simultaneously balance the pillars of price and quality. We also hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We’re committed to supporting people, causes and organizations centered around improving the well being of all of the diverse people living on this planet (and the planet herself).

Due to the state of the world, one of the challenges we’ve faced this year is the rising price of precious metals. Because of this, we have needed to make small increases to the prices of some styles. All of these new prices will be effective January 4th, 2021. Read more below about our jewelry making process and our standards for doing business for more explanation on why we're making these changes.

what it costs to do what we do