What started as a hobby for founder Elaine Kim Smith in 2008, is now Lover’s Tempo: a jewelry brand positioned in over 500 retailers worldwide.

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While collaborating with marketing consultant Leslie Hoolaeff in 2014, the pair bonded over a passion for creativity and entrepreneurial values. Realizing they shared a common vision for the future of Lover’s Tempo, they decided to partner in 2017 to scale the brand to new heights.

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Today, a team of women bring individuality and enthusiasm to every detail it takes to continue to build the brand.

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Get to know us (introduce video)

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'great design should be an everyday experience' big title

With a background in Art History and Fine Arts, Elaine Kim Smith is inspired by great design from various disciplines. Elaine explains that jewelry is a game of millimeters - a beautiful piece is a sum of all of it’s tiny parts. Her design principles are clean lines, a sophisticated color palette, thoughtful textures with just the right amount of delicate detailing.

Beyond the jewelry, all of the brand creative is curated through Elaine’s artful eye. Every detail from our photography to our packaging is designed with the goal of delighting the customer.

While prioritizing a sense of elevated style through our designs and brand experience, we ensures our prices are carefully considered. Elaine strongly believes that great design should be an everyday experience.

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Everyday is the occasion

We design collections for every part of your life. We consider your 9-5, your weekend social calendar and your extra special occasions.

We know that amazing things can happen anytime and we want you to feel your best for all of life’s moments.

It's in the details

Small moves make a big impact. We’re obsessed with the details.

From the tiniest components of our jewelry to every touch point where we meet our customers, it’s all the little things that add up.

Great design doesn't have to cost a fortune

We believe that great design should be an everyday experience. We personally work with our manufacturers and through these connections are able to offer the fairest prices.

Don’t worry - we got you…

The fulfilment that Elaine and Leslie experience running their business together led them to start the Lover’s Tempo Grant program in 2019. The Lover’s Tempo grant program recognizes women working to make an impact in their communities by providing them with a $500 grant to support their cause, initiative or business. 

After launching the Lover's Tempo Grant Program in Fall of 2019, our first ever grant went to Beam Paints, headed by artist and paintmaker Anong Beam. Beam Paints is the result of a multi generational love of pigment, paint, colour, and innovation.

Anong creates handmade, high-quality watercolours and wild foraged inks using her personal experience in Indiginous pigment. Their watercolour pans are packaged in slices of cedar and birch that are offcuts from an Indigenous sustainable lumber operation, making their packaging completely plastic-free.  

In Spring 2020 we were delighted to announce the second winner of our grant. Brittany Trafford is the mind behind Wrappr, a no-waste alternative to gift wrapping. Their reusable product is made out of recycled materials while also being organic and biodegradable. The artwork is curated by their talented team of graphic designers and chosen based on its versatility for multiple occasions and celebrations.

Have a project that we should know about?

We are searching for Canadian candidates with projects or initatives that are doing good things! Nominate yourself or others who you think deserve $500 donated towards their project or cause by sending an email to grants@loverstempo.com with a brief outline of the project and why we should look into it!

Grant recipients will receive $500 to put towards their initiatives as well as being promoted and backed by Lover's Tempo.

• Be Canadian
• Be 18 years or older

The selection process will be made by Lover’s Tempo staff and headed by owners Elaine Kim and Leslie Hoolaeff

Other initatives

In September we ran a raffle for an amazing prize with all profits going to The Breakfast Club of Canada. As a business run by two mothers, children's charities are close to our hearts. Not only is COVID-19 affecting kids across Canada with their ability to be able to head back to school this Fall, a large portion of them rely on it to get a nutritious breakfast. The Breakfast Club of Canada has created many initiatives to support children usually attending breakfast programs and local community organizations that assist food-insecure children. We were able to raise and donate $560 towards this cause!

In August we were part of the Life for Lucy charity auction. Lucy, a beautiful Vancouver-born baby girl was diagnosed with SMA, a disability that results in the loss of muscle movement shortly after her birth. The treatment needed for this diagnosis costs $3 million and is currently not covered by any health coverage in Canada. We jumped at the chance to be a part of the auction in August and helped raise $25502 that month towards Lucy's treatment. On Sept 9th 2020 Lucy received Zolgensma at B.C. Children’s hospital!
In June we shared what we're doing to advocate for the Black Lives Matter movement. For us, it highlighted the need to talk about race, actively be anti-racist and make necessary changes that go above and beyond being inclusive.⁠ We started a journey of listening, learning and watching. Our first steps towards making some changes was donating $500 to some organizations that we strongly support: Black Visions Collective, Reclaim the Block, Black Youth Helpline, and Nia Centre

The beginning of April started a difficult journey for business owners of retail stores. With every precaution that was put into place came more uncertainty for what this year would hold for our network of boutiques and shops. We strongly believe that supporting eachother and shopping local have never been more important. We launched an initative for our retail partners that allowed customers to shop on our website to directly support retailers in their community. This initative resulted in over $550 of sales for retailers that were otherwise closed or unable to sell online.

In January we were able to do our part for Australian bushfire relief. We donated product to Little Mountain Pop Up Shop for their pop-up fundraiser where 100% of sales went towards wildlife affected by the Australia bushfires. We were able to help raise $6200 from that initiative! We also donated 100% of sales from one weekend to Wild 2 Free and Wildlife Victoria. That resulted in a total of $1,550 raised by our incredible customers!

If you know of any charity or cause we should be aware of please email jessica@loverstempo.com with any information.

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