Wild Bunch

The Wild Bunch 

For our Spring 2019 collection we had the pleasure of shooting our campaign at the beautiful and inspiring Vancouver floral shop, The Wild Bunch. Filled with fresh and foraged flora and greenery, the rustic shop really shines with early afternoon sun filtering through the windows. We were easily inspired to add the gorgeous textures of the shop to our Modern Western Tale.

After being so wow-ed by the unique and creative floral designs made by the artists of The Wild Bunch, we were curious to know more about the founding partners, Alexandra Shulze and Nassi Soofi. They were kind enough to answer our questions and share a little about the creativity behind their business.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your creative process?

We draw inspiration from the materials that are available to us, either from the floral markets, from our foragers and farmers, and our collection of dried ingredients. The process of sourcing and combing these varied materials inspires the final work.

How did you first discover your talent for floral designs?

We both personally loved the act of arranging flowers for personal enjoyment at home, and for gifting to friends. The deeper we got into it, the more experimental we got, developing our own approach with materials that were available to us. It's not necessarily a talent, it's a practice and we've been at it for years now.

What has been the most inspiring or fun (memorable?) project that you have done to date?

Installations are always fun and on another level but we love designing all our bridal bouquets. It's such a special arrangement every time. Custom to our bride's wishes, their overall vision for their day. There's a huge element of trust involved, we love seeing the bride's reaction and really making memories with our flowers.

Your space is so beautiful! How much do you think your environment plays a part in your creativity? 

It definitely helps to have natural light and a space that you can call your own but ultimately, we make do with what we have and find beauty and inspiration everywhere.

What other artists and designers are you inspired by?

The flower world is full of so much talent, we are currently loving Allium Estudio Floral based in Mexico City.

What was your first connection to flowers? How did you start in this business?

It started from personal interest and snowballed from there. When we first started we just wanted to design with flowers, we didn't know about the business side and pricing and all that's involved. We really just wanted to create beautiful art for our friends and family.

How does running a business compare to the creative process of floral design?

Both areas area so important, we couldn't have one without the other. The creative process is important because at the end of the day, if your work is not good, it won't sell, it's not sustainable. On the other hand, if you don't know how to price your work, something we have had to learn over time, how to communicate with clients, how to budget and schedule, then again, the business is not sustainable, no matter how beautiful the work is. So it's a balance and we are getting more and more comfortable with it as time goes on.

What is your favorite part of running your own business? Your least favorite?

We have had the privilege of building something that we love, that others, strangers, love and connect with. Hiring a team of artists, meeting people in the community that we wouldn't have otherwise met. There are so many perks!

The toughest part is being "on" all the time. We are lucky in our partnership not to have to bare the brunt of the entire business, we have each other to lean on and draw support from. But any given day, we are on, thinking, planning, working on the business all the time.

You are admired for your use of unconventional composition, how did this become your style vs more traditional floral arrangements?

Because we are both self-taught, we didn't have rules to obey, we just did what pleased us. We also started with no money so often times, we would blow our "budget" on the flowers and then forage for natural touches, like grasses or branches. The unorthodox pairings were really fun for us and well-received by people. It's still one of our main goals in our work, to include the unexpected, a little pop of something wild.

Do you have any advice for people out there who want to pursue their passion in creativity?

Be patient, work hard, put yourself out there and be prepared to fail, over and over again. It gets easier and you get better through the process. It's worth it!

We really enjoyed the opportunity to use The Wild Bunch as a stunning backdrop for our collection and strongly recommend that if you haven't had the chance to visit yourself, you should stop by their location at 7 east 7th. At the very least check out their outstanding Instagram (@the_wildbunch) to get inspired by something truly uniquely beautiful.