Summer 2019 - The Impressionist 

Written by: Amanda Bell-lloch

We have always been those creatures who find comfort in Art, since it's through this medium that we satisfy our creative desires, and become inspired to do what we love. For this Collection, we wanted to curate the perfect partners that would carry you from rosés to reds, so we came up with the most intricate yet wearable lineup of pieces to date, inspired by a very specific breed of people:
The Impressionists. 

Lovers of nature and abstract yet objective composition, this assemblage of humans created the perfect canvas for us to put their harvest of exquisite colors into metals + gems, and take it from that 19th-century brushstroke to a 21st-century earlobe. 


Each piece of the Summer '19 Collection evokes the soft tones of the era's makers in a palette that pay homage to these warm and sentient hues of blues, greens, and whites found in nature and landscapes.

The ornamental anatomy of the pieces also reflects the romantic voyage with the self in an unassuming and wearable manner, while the fan-like designs and tassel siblings compose the playful yet sophisticated additions to the arrangement.

Each detail is curious in nature and invites the naked eye to wander and get lost in the twinkling stones and dancing tassels. A ready-to-fulfill your “girl with the pearl” aspirations (a more contemporary take on this, but we’ll go with it…)

An embodiment of old-world nostalgia and craft, the earrings still remain modern in versatility and design so you can rest assured they will take you from work to play; and yes, while they are inspired by art, these 38-pieces do not belong to a museum. Trust us. From rushing to your favorite coffee place, purse in hand, to asking for an Uber ride home after a night of dancing, (purse: unknown) the Impressionists' pieces will voice your every expression. And BTW, if you suffer from “monochromatic look syndrome” (AKA: perpetually wearing black/white") these will save you a trip to the jewelry box.