Spring 2019 Inspiration

by Leslie Hoolaeff

Spring 2019 - The Inspiration

The holidays are behind us and we’re ready to look forward into 2019. January + February are exciting months for us as we start our sales season with a new collection and head to our first tradeshows of the year. We’re so excited to be launching our newest collection this month!

Normally, for each new collection we are inspired by a particular moment, event, feeling, or mood. We look at art, fashion, film, graphic design and even architecture for inspiration.  

This season, a fresh and modern take of the wild west captured our imagination.  

Along with classic references like fringe details and tiny studs shaped like spurs, (or some debate it’s a sheriff’s badge!) we included contemporary cues through geometric shapes and a fresh colour palette.

Since our line is divided into capsules, we knew these pieces would sit perfectly in the Colourfields capsule. The pieces in the Colourfields Capsule are for those who covet personal style over trends and seek unique, eye-catching pieces. As the name suggests, colour is at the heart of this capsule. We’re drawn to a subdued palette with a fresh sophistication. Each piece is artful and intended to add a touch of colour to any look.