Hoops 2019 - The Inspiration 

Written by: Amanda Bell-lloch

There is a circulating theory (pun intended) in the Fashion world that says that, the premise of a hoop lies within its ability to make you feel effortless yet put together.

We are believers that (because of women’s relationship with this piece of jewelry), timeless hoops should be simple, balanced and made with quality in mind. Effortless and understated, our particular designs were created just in time to welcome Spring and transition into Summer (and beyond). 

So, it is no wonder we crowned them the newest addition to our Minimalist Capsule, and also, the pieces you’ll reach for every day. A shape loved by all, a universal symbol of femininity (and strength) this “one size fits all” ear-affair is made for every occasion. 


The Hoop Collection glorifies the classic circle of the earring world. The anatomy of each piece is carefully crafted to hug your ear and sit comfortably and securely, bringing quiet attention to the ear, as your lover (or friend) whispers something about their favorite wine at dinner or the new season of GOT.

Marrying nature and design, the simple yet classic shape of every piece is an obvious reminiscence of the Fibonacci Sequence; a universal golden ratio that is found in nature and the universe, formulated into one piece of jewelry, to your ear. AKA: a harmony that proves why hoops are also the most worn and relatable earring of the fashion world, and a survivor of all trends and styles.


While these may be minimal in nature, each pair of our Hoop Collection is carefully made so each curve and finish are la crème de la crème. We took a versatile and inclusive approach to each design and curated different diameters, curvatures, thickness, and detail into them. Hello, it’s #2019 and #loveislove ;)

From minimal to playful, each darling duo is available in both silver and gold, to please those with warm or cool tendencies. And while some are blessed by a minimal curve and perhaps some texture, others flirt with a dainty detail that moves with the wind (or as you find yourself walking to meet your third latte).

So yes, there it is. This new lineup of curated circles has quickly become a favorite to wear every day and a faithful travel companion. Wear them on your daily commute, that one date you were looking forward to, or to the farmer’s market on Sunday afternoon (even if it’s just for an Instagram story). Bottom line is: take them out to bathe in the sunlight, pool-swimming or ocean-dipping, and dance under the stars. Did we just come full circle? (We’re sorry…)